Trak-n-Return™ secure tag and labels replace outdated luggage and ID tags that expose your personal information.

Trak-n-Return™ allows you to program up to 5 phone numbers and email address that will be used when your lost belongings are found.

Trak-n-Return™ allows you to get your lost items returned with out exposing your personal information.

Trak-n-Return™ can be attached to all of your valuable belongings. Luggage, bags, pets, portable electronics, kids toys and much more. Renewals start at $4.95 a year for each product activated.

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Trak-n-Return® is the simplest and most effective lost and found recovery service on the planet. We help you find your belongings fast with no batteries, no apps to download, nor any complicated technology.  Learn more about our products and how to keep your belongings safe on our blog.

Luggage and ID tags are outdated and expose personal information to criminals

Be smart. Be safe. Be proactive. In today’s world you never know what can happen with your belongings and identity. Taking minor steps to secure your identity and valuables is precious. Law enforcement agencies recommend families or individuals should NOT attach ID tags that use their name, address or phone number on their belongings.

Identity protected tags & labels

Trak-n-Return™ is an Identity Protected Lost and Found Recovery Service for your valuable belongings. We replace outdated luggage and ID tags that expose your personal information to criminals and prying eyes. Trak-n-Return™ tags and labels have a wide variety of uses on luggage, backpacks, laptop/carry bags, purses, children’s belongings and portable electronics like smartphones, iPads®, laptops, portable gaming devices and much more.