How does Trak-n-Return™ Tags or Labels get my lost belongings back?

Trak-n-Return™ is a patented contact system to contact owners of a lost belonging when it’s found. Our research has found when the finder of a lost belonging has more than one way to contact the owner the chance of recovery is raised up to 85%. Trak-n-Return™ provides 5 ways to contact the owner.

When a lost belonging is found:
1. Finder dials toll free # printed on Trak-n-Return™ tag or label.
2. Finder enters PIN# printed on tag or label.
3. Finder is placed in direct contact with the owner at 1 of 5 contact numbers.
4. If the owner can not be contacted at 1 of 5 contact numbers the finder can leave a voice mail that will be emailed to the owner.

Trak-n-Return™ Laptop & Android Mobile Phone Security

Trak-n-Return™ powered by GadgetTrak® provides laptop security for MAC or PC laptops and mobile security for Android smart phones.

1. If you don’t have an account, head to and create one.
2. Download the software for your MAC, PC laptop or android operating system at
3. Open the installer and follow the instructions. When prompted, enter your license key printed on your insert card or email.
4. That’s it! If your laptop is ever lost or stolen, log into and click “ENABLE TRACKING” button to start tracking it.