12 Identity Protected Combo Package


(6) Trak-n-Return™ tags (6) Trak-n-Return™ labels

Trak-n-Return™ tags and labels provide a secure identity protected recovery service to keep your information private and help get your lost valuables back.

This product includes

• (6) Identity protected Trak-n-Return™ tags for luggage/bags and car keys.
• (6) Identity protected Trak-n-Return™ labels for portable electronics.
• 1 year of service included in the purchase price.

Tag material

Teslin base with polyester lamination.

Label material

Silver polypropylene with 2mil clear polyester lamination.


Attached Trak-n-Return™ tags to your luggage, backpacks, work bags, car keys, and children's apparel. Attach Tag-n-Return™ labels to your cell phone, laptop, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, tablet computers, children's toys or any other portable electronic gadgets.

Tag size

1.5″ x .2.5″ (luggage)
2.18″ x .72″ (bag and key)

Label size

1.5″ x .75″

Yearly renewal


In stock


Imagine losing your cell phone, purse or computer case and being contacted in minutes when the lost item is found.

Unlike out-of-date ID tags that show your name, address & phone #, the patented technology used by Trak-n-Return™ keeps your identity safe, secure and gives you “Peace of Mind” when something is lost.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 oz
Dimensions 4.5 x .125 x 7.5 in