24 Identity Protected Family Package


Trak-n-Return™ Identity Protected Family Pack

Trak-n-Return™ tags and labels provide a secure identity protected recovery service to keep your information private and help get your lost valuables back. Tag-n-Return™ Emergency notification Service allows fire or police to contact home owner or approved family contacts in case of emergency.

This product includes

• (4) Identity protected Trak-n-Return™ luggage tags.
• (8) Identity protected Trak-n-Return™ bag/key tags.
• (8) Identity protected Trak-n-Return™ labels for electronics.
• (4) Trak-n-Return™ Emergency Notification Service labels for home and auto.
• 1 year of service included in the purchase price.

Tag material

Teslin base with polyester lamination.

Label material

Silver polypropylene with 2mil clear polyester lamination.

ENS label material

White polypropylene with 2mil clear polyester lamination.


Attached Trak-n-Return™tags to your luggage, backpacks, work bags, car keys, and children's apparel. Attach Tag-n-Return™ labels to your cell phone, laptop, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, tablet computers, children's toys or any other portable electronic gadgets. Attach Trak-n-Return™ emergency notification labels to the front windshield of your car and front door or window of your home.

Tag size

1.5″ x .2.5″* (luggage)
2.18″ x .72″ (bag and key)

Label size

1.5″ x .75″

ENS label size

3″ x 1″ Auto
3″ x 2″ Home

Yearly renewal


In stock


Imagine losing your cell phone, purse or computer case and being contacted in minutes when the lost item is found.

Unlike out-of-date ID tags that show your name, address & phone #, the patented technology used by Trak-n-Return™ keeps your identity safe, secure and gives you “Peace of Mind” when something is lost.

Additional information

Weight 3.0 oz
Dimensions 4.6 x .125 x 7.5 in