Benefits of Trak-n-Return™

    1. Trak-n-Return™ is a identity protected lost and found recovery service.
    2. Trak-n-Return™ replaces outdated luggage and ID tags that expose personal information.
    3. Trak-n-Return™ never reveals the owners contact information to the finder.
    4. Trak-n-Return™ can put the finder of a lost belonging in contact with the owner in less than 60 seconds in most cases.
    5. Trak-n-Return™ offers a wide variety of products for luggage, bags, keys, pets, portable electronics and home/auto emergencies
    6. Trak-n-Return™ tags are made of durable and coated paper laminate that is GREEN to benefit the environment.
    7. Trak-n-Return™ labels are made of a metallic foil that offers high visibility and durability.
    8. Trak-n-Return™ products include one year of service included in the purchase price.
    9. Trak-n-Return™ products can be renewed online for as low as $4.95 a year.
    10. Activate as many products online through your Trak-n-Return™ account so you can cover all of your valuable belongings.